spring break: san diego

The boys and I have been able to take a short spring break trip for the last three years. Last year we fly fished and camped in/near Santa Fe, the year before we took a camping and hiking trip to Tucson, and this year they got to see the ocean for the first time ever (and pandas at the San Diego zoo). It was my first time in San Diego too and we loved it. I'm pretty sure Auden wants to move there.


They also ate calamari for the first time and shark and lobster bisque...after we went deep sea fishing (I didn't because I was too cold; I stayed in the galley and chatted up Mary, the cook, the whole time). ps they did catch fish.

We got to stay in the Grant hotel and it was beautiful. We ate in Little Italy, checked out La Jolla Shores and Cove, and the Torrey Pines beach too (right after we ate at Snooze, which was awesome even though it's a chain).  

I'm ready to go again. Love, Sara

emme is one

...so she actually turned one a month ago, but the photos of her eating cake weren't all that great because she was more than ready for bed.  Here's the re-do (besides, it was the perfect excuse to make another cake--this one smaller). 


This kid is awesome.  She has six teeth now (with a giant gap between those front two), scoots some on her tummy, is so very close to sitting and standing while holding on, and is eating chunky (level three) baby food.  She's come so far in just the last two months (a few months ago, I would never have thought she'd be so close to crawling and eating regular food).  That being said, we're still working on getting the blood drawn for the genetic tests, but that should happen very soon.  In the meantime, we're just enjoying her (and all the other kids)!  

love you all and thank you for the prayers, sara